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Why Choose IQ Functional Skills?

IQ's Functional Skills offer is the best solution on the market. Here's why:


Our Functional Skills are:



  • Our offer is entirely new and builds upon known issues that centres have found from using other Functional Skills solutions.
  • We have partnered with a renowned Functional Skills expert to develop these qualifications, Maureen Emmett, who played a key role in the development and evaluation of Functional Skills for the initial QCDA three year pilot.



  • Flexible assessments - your learners could do the reading on screen and the writing on paper, it's up to you and them!
  • We also encourage our centres to register learners on units at a level that makes sense for them. With IQ, you can take reading at level 2 and writing at level 1, for instance; whatever works best for you and your learners.


Grounded in the workplace

  • Functional Skills are designed to improve basic skills in the workplace. Therefore all of our assessments are grounded in a working environment and can be tailored to match an individual's own workplace; no more abstract learning!
  • We use familiar office software for our assessments and include basic features such as a spelling and grammar check in the English papers; why penalise your learners unnecessarily?


Easy to administer

  • Guaranteed results turn around within 7 working days! (once assessment papers have been banked)
  • Assessments can be booked with just one working days’ notice.


And with registration prices of just £13.50 for the Level 1 and 2s and £11.50 for the Entry Level qualifications, our offer is very competitively priced, which makes working with IQ the smarter choice!


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