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How to Deliver Functional Skills with IQ

We've made the process of setting up as an IQ centre and delivering our qualifications as streamlined and efficient as possible, allowing you to get on with training your learners, with far less time spent on admin!

The first step to delivering any of our qualifications is to become a centre.

Becoming a centre is easy and, subject to you meeting the necessary quality requirements, takes approximately one - two weeks before you can be set up and registering candidates. This costs £350 or £300 with fast track approval, if you are already approved with another awarding organisation for qualifications in a similar sector.

As an IQ centre you can be approved for any of our qualifications, providing you meet the delivery requirements. For Functional Skills, these are simply that your tutors hold the relevant assessor qualifications and that they are competent / qualified in the relevant subject (e.g. mathematics) to a level above that which they are delivering (i.e. to level 3 in order to deliver the level 2).

If you want some additional support in this regard, to get your trainers confident and prepared to deliver Functional Skills qualifications, then we have you covered! IQ have developed two qualifications especially for this purpose, the:

You can either seek approval to offer these qualifications directly yourselves or alternatively give us a call or email and we can put you in touch with another of our centres that can provide you with this training.

Once approved, you'll find that offering Functional Skills with us is simple and flexible. You can choose to use our paper-based assessments or to make use of our innovative on screen solution software or even mix and match, and all of our software is very easy to use and does not require any installation. Whatever you decide though, IQ will offer support and guidance throughout and our team are always happy to help.

For detailed guidance on delivering Functional Skills with IQ, please see the Functional Skills Centre Guide (though please note, you will need to be logged into the site in order to access it). For more information please get in touch.