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Health & Safety

Health & Safety training is pan sector, in that it affects all business to varying degrees, from factories to shop floors to office blocks.

The chief aims of engaging in health & safety are to educate and promote a safe working environment, reduce workplace accidents and illnesses and the significant burden that they place on the economy. According to the Government’s independent watchdog for Health & Safety, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), in 2011/12 over 27 million working days were lost to work-related illnesses / workplace injury at an estimated cost of £13.4bn to the UK economy.[1]

Use of training and qualifications is therefore driven by a desire to minimise these various costs, and through the need to comply with the large amount of health and safety legislation.

IQ offer a growing range of qualifications in this sector which will help companies and employees to meet relevant legislation and continue personal development.


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