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IQ Raises Quality Threshold

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has announced that it is to include mystery shopping within its centre approval process.

“We have been experimenting with the approach since the beginning of March,” said Andy Wilson, Head of IQ Quality and Compliance. “In addition to the normal centre approval process, IQ is now contacting a percentage of new applicant centres to ensure that programmes are being delivered in accordance with SIA standards. We are also considering the expansion of this approach to place students on courses run by IQ centres from the summer. This will raise the quality threshold for training in the security industry.”

IQ is committed to ensuring that it works with the very best centres in the security industry and in particular, those that are committed to the provision of a quality service to their clients. “We recognise that some training providers in the sector barely meet the requirements of the SIA standard,” said Wilson “and mystery shopping is yet another tool in our approach to quality assurance.  In protecting the integrity of the IQ brand, we protect and promote the interests of IQ centres and increase the value of those that hold IQ awards. Already, two applicant centres have been rejected in March as a result of the mystery shopping quality assurance procedure.”

The IQ approach to quality now includes centre approval, mystery shopping, financial review and from later this year, on line 360 degree review. Centres that become members of IQ Qualifications are also subject to peer group review and financial penalty should systematic malpractice be identified. According to Wilson, “IQ now has the most comprehensive approach to quality assurance compared to any other the awarding organisations serving the sector.”

Nov 15, 2012 11:48 AM
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