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Breslin Takes Chair at IQ

Dr Tony Breslin has been appointed as Chairman of Industry Qualifications, following the retirement of Ian Millard, former Chief Executive of the City of Wolverhampton College from the role.

Tony was formerly Chief Executive at the Citizenship Foundation and is currently Chair of the charity Human Scale Education, Director at Breslin Public Policy Limited and a Board Member at Arc Theatre. A former Chief Examiner and qualified Ofsted inspector, he is widely published in the fields of education and participation. Tony was made a Freeman of the City of London in 2004.

Welcoming the appointment, Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ said “Tony brings with him a wealth of experience in the education sector and is a highly regarded authority on education and social policy issues. We are hugely fortunate to be able to attract a leader of the calibre of Tony to this challenging role. I believe that his leadership will do much to guide and enhance IQ’s response to public policy in the education sector and help raise the profile of IQ as a value driven, ethical awarding organisation.”

Responding, Tony Breslin said “I first became aware of IQ in 2011 and was attracted to the innovative way that the organisation was tackling assessment, quality and partnership. At a time when awarding and examining are centre-stage, IQ’s approach to robust and appropriate assessment, fair and transparent pricing and managed margins provides a very interesting model for a socially responsible and responsive business in the awarding field. I look forward to working with the IQ team and believe that they have laid the foundations for an organisation that will become a significant influence within the vocational awarding sector and perhaps in the fullness of time, secondary education.”

Clarke also praised the contribution of Ian Millard, saying "Ian has provided a significant contribution since the launch of IQ. Having somebody able to challenge and contribute to new ideas as the organisation came to life has been invaluable for me and the senior management team and we wish Ian all the very best since his retirement".

Sep 21, 2012 01:17 PM

Exporting Education: IQ's International Approach

As part of his regular newsletter column, IQ chief executive Raymond Clarke takes a look at IQ and the international market.

According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s),

“If we can help and encourage more SMEs to export then this country’s financial position can be transformed. SMEs’ current exports of goods are estimated at around £100 billion a year, so an increase by a third would eliminate the UK visible trade deficit”… “The long-term future prosperity of our economy can be achieved through SMEs and their increased exporting”.

Despite this strong call to arms, however, only 1 in 5 SME’s in the UK currently export, compared to an average of 1 in 4 in the EU, so we have some catching up to do!

The UK education industry is a significant exporter. A report published in 2011 identified that the value of UK educational exports in 2008/9 totalled some £14Bn with private sector training accounting for some 10% of this figure and educational publishing 5%. Exports are currently dominated by the Higher Education sector, however, with 56% of activity.

At IQ, we recognise the challenges facing SME’s providing training and resource materials. Pursuing an export strategy whilst servicing UK customers is always a challenge. Where do I start, who do I talk to, how can I find the time are just some of the questions commonly asked. As a consequence, whilst some have international customers, fewer have an international strategy.

This autumn, IQ will launch its first representative arrangements on the ground in key international territories, not just to support the growing international market for IQ qualifications, but also to identify opportunities for members of IQ Resources and you can be a part of it. Our philosophy is to help our members to develop their businesses so on an international level, IQ will share its distribution channels with providers of learning materials, consultancy services and training providers. We also hope to offer international briefings during 2014 on a variety of markets for IQ members.

The best way to start getting involved is to become a member of IQ Qualifications and / or IQ Resources.

For IQ Qualifications, this is an offer that is only open to centres that have been with IQ for 6 months, is free of charge and grants you access to a wide range of services and benefits.

Becoming a member of IQ Resources is also free of charge but there is no such time limitation (you can join today!) and it is open to any supplier of learning materials or consultancy services and involves you in a wide range of IQ’s international work, such as joint tender opportunities. For more information please get in touch.

Sep 04, 2013 08:26 AM

Improvements to IQR

We've recently implemented the following features into the IQR system.


  • Batch certification now allows the same unit selection(s) to be claimed for multiple learners
  • We have introduced booked assessment history reports (information about all assessment bookings – to retrieve online assessments passwords and candidate results)
  • New ULN emails to notify centres of success / failure  of upload to PLR record
If you are unsure of how to use these new features, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to talk you through things.

Jul 17, 2013 10:43 AM

Industry Qualifications is selected as awarding organisation by Qatar’s new International Centre for Sport Security

Industry Qualifications, the first pan sector mutual awarding organisation in the UK, has announced today that it has been selected as an awarding organisation partner by the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), the not-for-profit sport security organisation based in Doha, Qatar.

With London 2012 at the forefront of the minds of those working in the private security industry here in the UK, Qatar has set its sights considerably farther ahead. Hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and bidding to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, Qatar is undertaking major infrastructure projects to develop state of the art sports stadia, associated facilities and human resource capabilities.

Central to hosting a safe and successful major sporting event is the critical need to deploy a capable and skilled workforce. As part of its goal to build knowledge and share best practice in the field of sport security, the ICSS will now turn its focus to developing training programs covering several levels of security strategy and planning.

In order to develop best in class training, the ICSS is collaborating with Industry Qualifications to develop a range of internationally recognised qualifications to ensure that training is effectively assessed, independently verified and provide prospective stewards and security staff with industry leading qualifications. As an IQ accredited centre, the ICSS will begin to deliver IQ qualifications at the beginning of May.

Welcoming the ICSS as an IQ international centre, Head of Business Development, Sallyann Baldry said;

“IQ is delighted to work with the ICSS to support their mission of total workforce development from basic security operatives to senior security director over the next decade. IQ’s expertise will provide the international qualifications required for the ICSS to fulfil its vision to develop a skilled workforce and showcase its position as a global provider of sport security training”.

Rick Festorazzi, Director of Training for the International Centre for Sport Security added;

“The ICSS is delighted to be involved at the conceptual stage of these initiatives with IQ and we look forward to our further collaboration in the development of this very important area.  The ICSS is committed to securing quality partners and our selection of IQ is a concrete step in that direction”.

Development work will commence shortly on a competency standard for stewards, with the pilot training courses for basic security grades commencing at the end of the year. Work on close protection, security supervision and incident response courses will follow. At the higher levels, qualifications in security risk assessment, security site surveying and incident control and command will be developed over the coming years. Training resources will be designed to meet the needs of trainers to ensure those delivering the qualifications are well supported.

Further information for editors

ICSS is The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS). The ICSS is an international, not-for-profit institution that aims to help event organizers to stage safer major sporting events. The Centre's mission is to enhance security and safety in the world of sport by proactively addressing real issues and providing best-in-class training, research and tailored consulting in all aspects of sport security. The ICSS team brings together some of the world’s leading sport security experts and has access to a worldwide network of specialist practitioners, offering expertise in every aspect of sport security.

Mar 19, 2012 08:37 PM

International Certified Security Consultant Qualification - Now Available at IQ Arabia

The security industry has been expanding in the GCC as a result of the recent incidents and events occurring in the region. Awareness amongst organizations, companies and government agencies towards the importance of having a competent security workforce is becoming more essential. This has led to the number of staff working in the security industry to increase. In order to have an effective workforce, staff must be well trained and be able to apply their training on the job effectively. This will be achieved with the right planning, management, decision making and implementation of decisions effectively. A job only a security consultant can perform and accomplish.

IQ Arabia and Buckinghamshire New University have signed an agreement for the delivery of the (ICSC) International Certified Security Consultant program. The Qualification which is owned by Buckinghamshire New University is now available in the GCC through IQ Arabia which has exclusive rights for the qualification in the region.

Both organizations have reached a mutual agreement in to providing the ICSC training course in the GCC region in accordance with the needs that are required from security personnel taking in to account the region’s culture. The ICSC course has been modified and customized to fit and adapt to the requirements that create the most prestigious and useful modules that one participating in the course may benefit from.

At the end of the training course, participants who have passed the training will receive a certificate from IQ Arabia as well as from Bucks New University.

The ICSC training course is aimed at individuals who wish to secure employment at a management level within the security industry or sectors related to the security industry. It can also be applied as part of continuing development to aid future licensing criteria by the SIA or any other security related field.

Additionally, the ICSC is aimed at non-security industry candidates who may be broadening their service to target larger companies. These organizations may need higher level of general security and may seek and employee responsible for all security issues and wider organizational resilience.

For more information regarding the ICSC qualification and registration, please contact:

+965 22275477
+965 22275478

Or email at:

Nov 19, 2014 08:10 AM

IQ Achieves 100% for 4- day Results Turnaround

IQ’s release of its operations statistics and targets for the first quarter in 2012 shows that 91% of controlled assessment results are released within 2 days of receipt, with all results meeting the 4 day service level agreement.

Operations manager, Linda Affleck-Drimer said, “The operational statistics underlines IQ’s dedication to quality and responsiveness. We understand that in the vocational sector, the key to the success of our centres is the efficient turnaround of candidate results to enable candidates to progress their careers, and we work hard to support them.”

Other key statistics highlighted that 11% of centre applications were refused due to quality standards not being met, and an overall pass rate of 83% for IQ Controlled Assessments.

To see the full statistics for IQ Quarter 1 2012, please visit :

Jul 06, 2012 07:59 AM

IQ Arabia Address and Contact Numbers Changed


IQ Arabia has relocated to a new address.  The previous IQ Arabia office in Mazaya Tower 2 is no longer in use and the phone and fax lines have been changed as well.  The new location of IQ Arabia office and new contact numbers are as follows:
Address:    Al-Murgab, Abdullah Al Mubarak Street, Al Shahed Tower, 3rd                 Floor.
Phone:       2244150722441508
Fax:           22441509
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aug 30, 2016 09:56 AM

IQ Arabia will be participating as an associate in the upcoming CRISIS & RISK MANAGEMENT 2014 summit

The conference will be held at the JW Marriot in Kuwait City on May 4th till May 7th

About The Event:
The oil, gas and power industries implement various measures to avoid major asset failures and disasters. However, pipeline explosions or leaks, plant explosions, gas leaks, transformer explosions and electricity short circuits are not unheard of and happen all around the world. These disasters have multiple implications for the operating companies, including major financial losses and tarnished reputations. The emergency response and crisis management teams need to be in place, all employees need to be well trained in protocols as well as be equipped with technologies that can prevent, detect and manage disasters for a smooth reaction and effective response to gas leaks, oil leaks, offshore leaks, as well as potential fires, explosions and offshore incidents with employees and equipment. Companies must have a comprehensive crisis and risk management system as well as an effective loss prevention strategy in place to ensure uninterrupted production with a swift remediation and recovery.

With a highly successful launch in 2013, IQPC is proud to organize the 2nd Annual Crisis and Risk Management Summit 2014 from 4-7 May in Kuwait. The event will be a step ahead in helping all stakeholders involved directly or indirectly, drive the most important aspect of comprehensive crisis and risk management systems: Save lives, minimize downtime and reduce losses.

Apr 21, 2014 09:03 AM

IQ Arabia will once again be participating in this year’s CRISIS & RISK MANAGEMENT 2015 Summit

IQ Arabia will once again be participating in this year’s CRISIS & RISK MANAGEMENT 2015 Summit

2015 Crisis and Risk Management

Last year’s conference was a great success and many connections and networks were formed. This year, IQ Arabia expects even greater outcomes. The conference will be held at the Hilton Kuwait Resort, starting from May 31st to June 3rd. In a world of extremely volatile oil prices, the focus in Kuwait and the entire GCC is to shift into developing a very resilient crisis and risk management system. The way to do this is to be up-to-date in all the technical fields of security and health and safety. What better way to do this than by attending a very resourceful and informative conference.

Who will be attending this conference?

  • Heads and directors of:
  • Crisis & Risk Management
  • Emergency Response & Loss Prevention
  • HSE, Fire & Security
  • Planning & Maintenance
  • Civil Defense, Port Security & Marine
  • Incident Command System & Oil Spill
  • Mitigation, Remediation & Recovery
  • Process Control & Automation
  • Medical Response & Crisis Communication

We wish a very successful turnout for all those who will be attending and we are eagerly awaiting future connections and business opportunities.

For more information please feel free to contact us at

May 21, 2015 09:24 AM

IQ Board Strengthened by Breslin

Dr Tony Breslin, formerly Chief Executive at the Citizenship Foundation and currently Chair of the charity Human Scale Education, Director at Breslin Public Policy Limited and Visiting Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London has joined the board of Industry Qualifications Ltd.

Dr Tony Breslin, formerly Chief Executive at the Citizenship Foundation and currently Chair of the charity Human Scale Education, Director at Breslin Public Policy Limited and Visiting Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London has joined the board of Industry Qualifications Ltd. A former Chief Examiner and qualified Ofsted inspector, he is widely published in the fields of education and participation.

“Tony brings an immense amount of experience to the IQ Board and will provide a tremendous insight on both secondary education and the needs of the charitable sector”, said Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ. “Our objective for the IQ board has been to achieve a balance of interests, with senior and respected representation from the world of commerce, charities, colleges of further education and trade bodies. The involvement of Tony has given IQ access to an invaluable source of expertise in both the charitable and educational sectors and our ability to attract a person of Tony’s undoubted calibre is testimony to the IQ philosophy and approach”.

According to Dr Breslin, “I am delighted to have been invited to work with IQ at such a critical phase of its development, and have been hugely impressed by the vision and commitment of the IQ team. As an evangelist for a more engaging approach to education, the mutual model of awarding that is being championed by IQ is both innovative and exciting. Having had a long-term interest in secondary education in particular, I believe that far more needs to be done to raise the perceived value of professional and vocational education with young people, their parents and all who work with them. I believe that the IQ model could make a real difference by encouraging more stakeholders to play an active role in developing and increasing access to quality professional and vocational education. I look forward to helping IQ fulfil its medium term ambition of reaching into the secondary education sector, and playing a part in helping the organisation to understand and interface with the third sector”.

Dec 20, 2011 11:18 AM

IQ Expands Management Provision with Purchase of the Institute of Administrative Management

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has announced the acquisition of the name and assets of the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM).

The purchase, which was concluded 27thth January 2014, has resulted in the IQ ownership of the intellectual property of IAM qualifications along with supporting learning materials, the IAM databases, the IAM name and the title to the magazine, ‘Manager’. IAM, which was originally established in 1915 and, as such, is the oldest management institute in the UK, entered liquidation in November.

Following the purchase, IQ will be able to offer some forty additional qualifications in management at levels 4 to 6+. IQ will also provide learning support materials for all of those qualifications through its sister company IQ Resources.

“We are delighted to have concluded this purchase” said Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ. “The acquisition of IAM will propel IQ into a leading position in the management development and assessment market, and help provide recognised IQ assessment pathways into the Higher Education sector. When combined with our current provision, IQ will be able to offer management programmes from levels 2 to 6+, in subjects from team leadership to senior management and from short programmes to those with a duration of 2-3 years. The new qualifications will provide a major dimension to our International strategy”.

According to Clarke, the initial focus will be to re-establish the IAM qualifications within IQ and re-engage with those that had been studying on IAM programmes. “It is extremely important that we provide existing IAM students with the confidence to continue their studies. With over 7000 students studying programmes leading to IAM awards, this has to be our highest priority. Once this is achieved, we will be communicating with members about the additional services that were provided by IAM that added value, and which could be retained, changed or enhanced. We are of course also looking forward to celebrating the centenary of the IAM with members next year”.

IQ state that the utilisation of the established IQ infrastructure is expected to radically reduce the cost base associated with the former IAM qualifications. When combined with the increased opportunities through the growing IQ networks in the UK and internationally, the viability of the qualifications increases and provides IQ with a significant platform for growth and brand development.

Feb 03, 2014 06:59 AM

IQ Join MPs in Asia

IQ recently joined an All Party Parliamentary visit to Singapore and Indonesia to promote British Trade.

The trip which was supported by Barclays and Prudential, involved eight educational companies, eight organisations involved in infrastructure development and six MP’s, along with senior representatives from Barclays and Prudential. The visit was led by Margot James MP and was designed to promote British Trade in the ASEAN region.

Singapore was the first port of call, where the educationalists on the mission visited Singapore Polytechnic, Council for Private Education, Institute of Technical Education, Singapore Institute of Technology and the Singaporean campus of INSEAD. Whilst there is much that the UK education sector can offer Singapore, the facilities and capability of many of the organisation visited were truly world class. ITE alone (specialising in what would be considered as level 2-4 awards in the UK) had its own aviation training centre with a Boeing 737, a business jet, military jet and helicopter. Singapore Polytechnic has a fabulous cyber warfare centre. This level of investment and capability was apparent throughout the visit and there was much for the delegation to learn.

Receptions were also held at the residence of the Ambassador at the historic Eden Hall and at a lunch hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce at the Raffles Hotel. In Indonesia, the delegation visited the World Trade Centre 11 in Jakarta and participated in a meet the buyer event and receptions hosted by the British Chamber and at the Ambassador's residence.

The visit allowed IQ to agree additional investment from an ASEAN investor, and meet with a key customer. We also furthered discussions for local quality and distribution arrangements for the region on which we hope to make further announcements moving into the summer.

Apr 22, 2013 10:36 AM

IQ Opens Window On The Gulf

Industry Qualifications Ltd (IQ) has today announced a partnership with ITC Kuwait to launch a joint venture company, IQ Arabia Ltd, to provide awarding organisation services to the gulf region.
IQ Opens Window On The Gulf

The breathtaking view from the IQ Arabia office (click to enlarge)

Covering the countries represented by the Gulf Co-Operation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the UAE), along with Yemen, Jordan and Iraq, IQ Arabia will offer IQ qualifications in the region.

“This is the first of IQ’s international joint ventures” said Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ and chair of IQ Arabia. “Not only does it provide a new sales channel for IQ qualifications, but it also provides opportunities for members of IQ Resources to distribute training and consultancy products as preferred partners of IQ Arabia. Taking the opportunity to assist our members to generate new business is a fundamental part of the IQ philosophy and our growing international network is yet another tangible manifestation of this approach”.

IQ Arabia has taken office facilities in Kuwait City and will be able to offer sales, development and assessment services at a regional level. Ahmad Alfaresi, Managing Director of IQ Arabia said “Having spent a long period in the spring working with the IQ team in the UK, we are now ready to launch. We have built a highly competent team and will work with IQ to bring the same level of product excellence and customer service to the GCC countries, as is evident in the UK. By having a local presence, we will ensure that IQ remains responsive to the needs of its customers, offering qualifications and services appropriate to the needs of the region.  We believe that IQ Arabia will become a highly visible and valued partner to employers in GCC countries and a significant driver for high quality assessment”.

IQ Arabia will be operational from mid-October, with a formal launch in advance of the American Society of Safety Engineers conference in Kuwait in November, at which IQ Arabia is a platinum sponsor.

For further information please contact Raymond Clarke at IQ on +(44)1952 457452 or or Ahmad Alfaresi at IQ Arabia, al-mazaya Tower, block-3, plot-4, tower 2, floor 25, office B1, al-Murgab.

Sep 30, 2013 11:19 AM

IQ "Platinum Sponsors at ASSE Conference"

IQ Arabia was recently a platinum sponsor at the ASSE 7th International HSSE and loss prevention Professional Development Conference and Exhibition...
IQ "Platinum Sponsors at ASSE Conference"

Chairman, Mr. Raymond Clarke


The conference was held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Al Hashemi hall from the 26th -28th of November, 2013.  The objective of the conference was to promote health, safety, security, environmental protection and loss prevention in the region. They completed these objectives by providing a forum for practitioners from industry, academia, and government agencies to share their experiences, technological advances and new ideas.

IQ Arabia’s speaker was Chairman, Mr. Raymond Clarke who joined us all the way from the UK to participate in the conference and discuss the importance of health, safety, security and environment in today’s emerging HSSE industry in the region.  As for IQ Arabia’s role, Mr. Raymond Clarke gave a speech during the opening of the conference and presented a technical paper the following day.

During IQ’s Technical paper presentation, many ideas were shared and points discussed.  In brief, an introduction to IQ was made and how most of the qualifications offered by IQ include units related to HSSE that make up our list of qualifications.  The drivers for education were also discussed and how there was an approach to changing culture.

My objective is to make the case for education to agreed international standards in a competitive environment to underpin Health and Safety” - Raymond Clarke.

Throughout the presentation Mr Raymond Clarke also explained how there was a notable decrease in workplace injuries and fatalities since the ‘Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974’ was introduced into the UK.  The education structure in the UK was also explained along with the opportunities and lessons learnt from the health and safety industry.  Finally the presentation was ended by the IQ view.

For more information, please contact us here.

Dec 16, 2013 07:22 AM

IQ Raises Quality Threshold

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has announced that it is to include mystery shopping within its centre approval process.

“We have been experimenting with the approach since the beginning of March,” said Andy Wilson, Head of IQ Quality and Compliance. “In addition to the normal centre approval process, IQ is now contacting a percentage of new applicant centres to ensure that programmes are being delivered in accordance with SIA standards. We are also considering the expansion of this approach to place students on courses run by IQ centres from the summer. This will raise the quality threshold for training in the security industry.”

IQ is committed to ensuring that it works with the very best centres in the security industry and in particular, those that are committed to the provision of a quality service to their clients. “We recognise that some training providers in the sector barely meet the requirements of the SIA standard,” said Wilson “and mystery shopping is yet another tool in our approach to quality assurance.  In protecting the integrity of the IQ brand, we protect and promote the interests of IQ centres and increase the value of those that hold IQ awards. Already, two applicant centres have been rejected in March as a result of the mystery shopping quality assurance procedure.”

The IQ approach to quality now includes centre approval, mystery shopping, financial review and from later this year, on line 360 degree review. Centres that become members of IQ Qualifications are also subject to peer group review and financial penalty should systematic malpractice be identified. According to Wilson, “IQ now has the most comprehensive approach to quality assurance compared to any other the awarding organisations serving the sector.”

Nov 15, 2012 11:48 AM

Reflections on IQ's First Full Year

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ, takes a look back at what we have achieved so far.

As we approach the end of our first full financial year of operation, those involved with IQ can look back with satisfaction on solid progress. 300,000 shares have been sold to plan with 15% now held by international investors. In the first quarter of 2013 we moved in to the top 50 awarding organisations in the UK (there are over 170) on an annualised basis and expect to be in the top 40 by the end of 2013. IQ will have some 100 qualifications on the QCF by the end of April.

There have also been successes with accreditation. IQ has become one of the few Awarding Organisations to gain approval for Functional Skills and has been approved to offer the Moving up Suite in Maths and English and teaching of Maths and English. We also gained SQA approval.

Technically, huge progress has been made. The centre interface of the IQ learner management system compares well with those offered by competitor awarding organisations and we were the first awarding organisation to meet the new requirements of the Learner Record Service for data entry. Our online assessment system is being launched in the summer and IQ is one of the few awarding organisations to have its own system software.

Our exacting customer service guarantees have been met in full throughout the year and we were even able to make them more challenging in January. We have largely succeeded in maintaining centre approval standards, with some 19% of centre applications rejected on quality grounds during the course of the year.

IQ is ahead of expectations in relation to its international work. A joint venture is to be launched in the Middle East in the summer along with supporting distribution networks. Our first awards have been delivered in Asia and Africa.

The coming twelve months will witness consolidation in the sectors for which we have developed qualifications this year along with the launch of qualifications in three new sectors. There will be a significant expansion of our activity and growth in online provision. We will launch a new type of qualification and see the operational launch of IQ Resources. We will also expand membership of the mutual companies.

Of course there are areas for improvement, there always will be. Our target was to establish a premiere brand, high quality awarding organisation focused on partnership, transparency and value, able to become one of the ten largest awarding organisations in the UK. We believe that we are making significant progress towards these goals.

Raymond Clarke.

Apr 24, 2013 11:21 AM

Raymond Clarke Receives Peter Greenwood Award

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ and founder of SITO, SAFE and Vocational Compass, has become the 2013 recipient of the Peter Greenwood Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Security Systems Industry.
Raymond Clarke Receives Peter Greenwood Award

Left to Right: Marcus Brigstocke, Pat Allen (FSA chairman), Raymond Clarke and Phil Fagg (president of the ECA)


The Peter Greenwood Award is the longest established individual award in the security profession and has been in existence since Peter’s untimely death in January 1995.   In his position as Chairman of the Security Industry Lead Body (SILB) Implementation Group, Peter worked tirelessly to enhance the cohesion and professionalism of the security industry as it was then.

The award, which is sponsored by the Fire and Security Association (FSA) and awarded by the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP), was presented to Raymond by TV Personality Marcus Brigstocke, FSA Chairman Pat Allen and ECA President Phil Fagg at the ECA’s Gala Dinner and Awards Evening which was held at the ICC, Birmingham on Saturday the 22nd June.

The event was attended by 450 of the great and good of the building services engineering, fire, security and risk management industries.

Commenting on his award, Raymond said, "I am thrilled and honoured to be the recipient of the Peter Greenwood this year, and would like to thank the FSA and Worshipful Company of Security Professionals for this recognition. I had the privilege of working with Peter Greenwood during the 1990's, who was a tireless ambassador for the industry and that makes this award particularly special to me. Thank you to those that were kind enough to nominate me."

Stefan Hay, Head of the FSA said: “Raymond Clarke has been a leading and well respected figure and has held senior roles within the security industry and the vocational education sector since 1988. Originally appointed as the Training Manager for the British Security Industry Association, he went on to create the Security Industry Training Organisation and successfully led the organisation in becoming one of the country’s leading National Training Organisations. His tireless dedication to the sector led to the development of a training and vocational learning infrastructure that ranged from the development of the first National Occupational Standards, to developing supporting training materials, resulting qualifications, relationships with awarding bodies and regional cooperatives dedicated to the delivery of apprenticeships for the security systems industry. He also became one of the country’s most successful bid writers for public funding to support education in the sector securing £ millions for educational based projects. He has made a valuable and long lasting contribution and he is, therefore, a most worthy recipient of the Peter Greenwood Award.”

Jul 04, 2013 08:30 AM

Skills for Justice Awards and IQ to Collaborate with Historic Agreement

SFJ Awards and IQ have entered an agreement to cooperate and establish collaborative working.

SFJ Awards, the specialist awarding organisation for the Justice and community safety, police and law enforcement, custodial, legal, fire and armed services sectors, and mutual awarding organisation Industry Qualifications (IQ), have entered an agreement to co-operate and establish collaborative working on a wide range of issues across the Justice and community safety and private security and safety sectors.

The ground breaking agreement will result in each organisation becoming a co-ordinating quality (hub) centre of the other, offering the awards of the other that are relevant to their own sector/customer footprint. The two organisations will also co-operate on product development, technical and IT matters along with international issues where appropriate.

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ said “This is an exciting development which creates a seamless interface for qualifications across both the wider justice family, and areas involved in the management and mitigation of risk, such as fire safety. The agreement will allow each organisation to expand the range of products available to its centres and we expect to be able to work together on the development of qualifications and learning support products where there is a shared interest.”

Adrian Jackson, Managing Director of SFJ Awards said, “Both SfJ Awards and IQ are committed to providing sector specific qualifications of the highest quality and the relationship is a comfortable fit. The agreement ensures that each organisation can harness its own specialist expertise for the benefit of the relationship and our customers.”

The two organisations have already begun to work on responding to a number of international opportunities, and have established the detailed mechanisms for the operation of quality hub centre arrangements. SfJ Awards will also adopt IQ Functional Skills within the coming months.

For further details, please contact Raymond Clarke at IQ on 01952 457452 or Adrian Jackson at SFJ Awards on 0114 231 7397.

Oct 28, 2013 01:03 PM

TTC Delivers IQ Qualifications to Zambian Miners: Case Study

Working with IQ, the Training Continuum (TTC) has recently started training the Mine Investigation Group in Zambia. We asked TTC to tell us more...
TTC Delivers IQ Qualifications to Zambian Miners: Case Study

Left, newly qualified Mine Investigator with John Butterfield, TTC Director.

Early in August 2013, a team from The Training Continuum (TTC), a UK registered Education and Change Management Company, designed and delivered the first of a number of IQ accredited qualifications, to the Mine Investigation Group (MIG) at the Lumwana Mining Company (LMC), Zambia. This is the first of six qualifications being delivered to qualify in the Level 4 Diploma in Mine Investigations, which have been co-created for the mining industry and commissioned by Barrick Gold, the Canadian owned mining company who have an extensive global footprint.

The first course focused around the proactive investigations team, who deal with serious and organised crime threatening the mine's extraction and production of copper. The 5-day course, held at the mine’s security training centre in Lumwana, was delivered using a case study focusing on the insider threat. The objective of the course was to enhance witness interviewing and statement taking, suspect interview planning and evidence collection, and it concluded with a minor level surveillance operation testing the student’s plans and observation skills. On passing the 2 multiple choice examinations the investigators qualified in an IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators.

This is the second programme TTC have designed and delivered for Barrick Gold using IQ approved qualifications. The first was a 6-month MIG enhancement programme, which started in the summer of 2012, for the UK subsidiary of Barrick Gold, African Barrick Gold (ABG), which operates 4 mines in Tanzania. This programme was created to enhance the organisations investigational capablilities and was part of the companies corporate social responsibility strategy and localisation plan. TTC trained and qualified over 30 investigators and additionally a number of the ABG security trainers attained a Level 3 Award in PTLLS. Throughout the design process, IQ collaborated with TTC to create a suite of corporate intelligence and investigation qualifications, integrating a combination of level 3 and 4 QCF and CQF qualifications, whose delivery was customised to invlude company policies, documentation and local rule of law. Given the recent events in the UK surrounding corporate investigations ABG, as a UK company, governed by UK Law, by introducing this training programme has taken the first steps to future proofing the company.

The CEO of TTC, Lee Hibbert, worked closely with IQ to create a customised training and qualification programme that fulfilled the client’s strategic business objectives and incorporated risk management programme. TTC have designed and delivered numerous IQ accredited programmes globally. TTC are currently consulting in the UK investigation services sector, developing customised solutions for organisations seeking to become compliant with the new BS 102000 Codes of Practices for investigational services and qualifying their workforce for the licensing requirements.

If you would like to share the work you are doing with IQ, please get in touch.

Oct 15, 2013 03:52 PM