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Becoming a Member of IQ Qualifications

We recognise that becoming an IQ member takes a little more commitment and time than is usually required to become an assessment centre for an awarding organisation. However, we have a duty to our members to protect the integrity of the IQ brand. In addition, the added value opportunities provided through a mutual environment along with profit distribution to customers warrant a more considered approach.

Approval: Requires completion of the centre approval form, centre approval visit and we also offer members the opportunity to raise objections to the inclusion of new members through a process of peer group review. This allows us to develop greater confidence in the probity and standing of the member. To become a member, organisations are then required to complete:

  • The centre approval form and
  • Relevant sections of the qualification approval form within the centre approval form.
    • If you would like to offer a nationally accredited qualification, please submit Appendix A.
    • If you would like to develop a customised qualification on our framework, please submit Appendix B

For more help with completing the form, please see the centre approval guide and qualification development guide.

Legal: As a member of IQ Qualifications LLP, members are bound by the LLP partnership agreement, license agreement and brand manual.

Legal documents: Applicant members are required to sign:

Please check the Approval and Membership sections for more help and information.

Financial risk: Members do not make an investment in the LLP and the assets are provided by Industry Qualifications Ltd. In this way members are not exposed to any financial risk.